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An Evening Jawing with
Richard Dreyfuss

Appearing live on stage! Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss
is set to enthrall, enlighten and entertain.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a rare glimpse into the
creative process and the cinematic experiences of one of the most iconic movie
stars of our time.


“Evenings With” have grown in popularity over the past few years…
and for good reason.

Normally held at intimate venues, these events allow fans to get
up close and personal with their favorite celebrities while they
share in wonderful “behind the scenes” stories in a
“Broadway-like” atmosphere.

Now that you’re comfortable, it’s time to sit back and listen to your
favorite celebrity tell entertaining stories from their amazing life.

J&S goes to great lengths to make sure that these are
evenings you will never forget.

celebrity excursions

Our Celebrity Excursions are like nothing you’ve ever imagined
and will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Picture yourself on a three-day all-inclusive event at a top destination, staying at the nicest resort, eating gourmet food, and going on amazing outings…all with your favorite celebrity,
up close and personal!

J&S spares no expense to make this an adventure you’ll be
telling friends about for years to come!

our motto is simple

exceed expectations

Why watch your favorite celebrity on the screen when you can spend an evening or even a full weekend hanging out with them and hearing all their fabulous Hollywood stories. J&S Promotions has the tools to make it happen and you’ll never be the same again!

In 2010, we had the unique opportunity to represent baseball legend Tracy Stallard. Starting out with very little knowledge of the celebrity signing world, we immersed ourselves and quickly became students of the game.

Over the next few years, after participating in many events, we identified what we considered “deficiencies” in how the shows were being conducted, the way the agents and promoters interacted with each other, the sub-standard guest experience, and most importantly how the celebrities were being treated.

Not willing to accept the status-quo, we decided to raise the bar. We methodically analyzed every aspect of the business. Ultimately, we decided to approach agents and promoters in a more professional & respectful manner, we devised ways of improving the show attendees’ experience, and we put ourselves in the shoes of the celebrities.

We approach every show and event the same way: we methodically dissect every aspect of the event from start to finish, leaving no rock unturned. We ensure the celebrity is a perfect fit for the venue, the event preparation is thorough, running of the event is meticulous, and the celebrity has a successful outing.

Our motto is simple: “Exceed Expectations”

meet our founders

celebrity signings

J&S Promotions Show Signings

show signings

Come and meet your favorite celebrity at one of our unique show signings.

Enjoy the opportunity to stroll down autograph alley to get a signature from that special celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet.

It’s like being a kid again!

J&S Promotions Private Signings

private signings

J&S is proud to work with some of the most iconic celebrities in Hollywood.

Sometimes we acquire authentic signed memorabilia at private, one-on-one signings. We then offer these wonderful collectibles to you, the fan.

Check our Facebook Shop to see our most recent acquisitions.

J&S Promotions

past celebrities

Over the years, J&S has been blessed to work with many, many iconic celebrities. We have had the rare opportunity to sit side-by-side with them at the show table and the dinner table.

They are all amazing performers and genuinely kind people.

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